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Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing – Cold / Heated 

KMC Cleaning doesn't put chemicals into your storm drains or foliage. Instead, we use the innovative SX-15 and Mi-T-M Rotary tool to extract cleaning solutions and put them into the storage tank system mounted right onto our trucks. Mess free and no danger to your lawn or family! 

We will power wash your:

  • solar panels

  • vinyl and aluminum siding

  • decks and awnings

  • windows

  • driveway and sidewalk

  • fences

  • concrete, brick, pavers or stucco

We also clean and wash gutters, as well as remove stains and graffiti! 

Caution signs and tape are always used to ensure everyone's safety, as stains and tar require pre-treatment. All of our spotting detergents are non-toxic, non-corrosive, and biodegradable. 

Paver Patios & Walkways

We will thoroughly and aggressively clean your paver patios and walkways without putting any chemicals into your dirt or foliage. We have waste tanks in our vans, so all extractions of solutions go straight into there, not in your lawn. Aside of cleaning, KMC Cleaners can also remove stains and re-sand with Polymeric sand. 

When we seal your walkway or patio, we use a premium state-of-the-art formula. This formula offers incredible resistance against oil and grease stains, color fading, efflorescence, and growth of weeds and mildew on the surface of your patio or pavers. 


Our clear, water-based sealer penetrates the surface, providing long-lasting protection and beauty - reducing maintenance, cleaning costs and repairs! 

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