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Has Your Home Been a Victim of Water Damage?

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When your home is the victim of a water damage event, such as from a leaky roof, when a pipe breaks, a basement floods from heavy rains, whatever the cause… you know when it happens, unless you are on vacation and discover it when you return home.

When water damage occurs, you quickly clean up the mess and call a professional water damage restoration company. That’s smart homeownership.

But what about when something happened in the past, and it wasn’t cleaned properly, or you didn’t even know about it? Such as when you purchase a home, and the previous damage wasn’t disclosed? The longer damage remains, even if hidden and unnoticed, the worse it becomes.

What can you do? Of course, when purchasing a home, asking many questions is essential, and a home inspection can reveal what a casual observation will miss.

When buying a home: When looking at a home to buy or even rent, be sure to ask about any previous water damage or other structural issues. Ask about the cause of the damage and how extensive. A fresh-water leak is much different from a sewage backup, and you need to know this. Was the damage cleaned by the homeowner or a professional restoration firm?

Ask a professional if there is the potential of long-term effects from the previous damage. You want an honest opinion. You do not want to purchase someone else’s issues that should be resolved before you purchase the home.

What can you do? When you own the property or rent, you have options. Having the previous damage inspected by a professional is a way to protect your family and loved ones. After all, we all know that water damage can lead to mold issues and possible exposure to mold spores. Only a pro will know the extent of the damage and have the proper remediation plan.

Remember: Any damage can be repaired. While it is best to dry out and clean up after a storm or water damage issue, you can have damaged materials replaced even if months or years go by. There is no cost too high that should stop you from doing the right thing and protecting your home and family.

And when in doubt about anything related to disaster restoration issues, water damage, mold contamination, whatever it is, do the right thing. Call your favorite restoration company for a consultation. After all, it pays to call a pro!

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