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Window Washing Services

Keeping your windows clean and clear of mold and mildew isn’t always the easiest job. From unreachable crevices to difficult to scrub corners, we’re here to help.


KMC Cleaners has the expertise needed to ensure your windows and window jambs are free of harmful pollutants that would keep you sick.  We provide a professional thorough cleaning of windows inside and out.

We offer:

  • State-of-the-art commercial glass cleaning detergent. "Glass Gleam-4" by Titan Laboratories

  • Cleaning solution applied and squeegee-off then hand detailing.  No Streaks.  

  • Blading or #0000 steel wool to remove debris off outside windows

  • All tracking cleaned, wiped-out or vacuumed.  Then sliding windows and doors are lubricated with dry silicone for better sliding friction

  • All screens are removed and cleaned.  (We can provide screen repairs)

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning 

Because KMC Cleaning takes pride in every step of the process, we start by removing all debris from your gutters by hand and place them directly into plastic bags. Next, we will make sure every inch in functioning properly. We will flush out all the downspouts to ensure the water flows the way its supposed to. 

We even take before-and-after pictures on the spot so you can see the job was done efficiently! 

Shower Glass Restoration

Average bathroom cleaners are great, but sometimes you need a deeper clean to get out the set in stains. Wear and tear coupled with daily use can have your shower glass door looking murky and scratched. We will remove hard water stains and scratches, polish the glass and apply a coat of sealant for protection. Don't worry about replacing the whole glass door - KMC Cleaners can clean it up for you. 

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