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What Do Furniture Cleaning Codes Mean?

For many years furniture manufacturers have used color fastness codes to assist consumers in determining safe cleaning solutions (dry solvent, water) to use on their upholstered furniture overtime these “colorfastness codes” involve “cleaning codes” for determining the appropriate cleaning method for individual furniture based on their fiber content, fabric construction, and careful inspection, rather than colorfastness or cleaning codes.

Upholstery Fabric Cleaning Codes

Before cleaning begins, it’s essential to identify the upholstery material. There are four cleaning codes found on the tags of upholstery fabric:

W, S, SW, and X. (ASTM Labeling System)

NOTE: These codes DO NOT pertain to the

Cushion Inserts or Inner Stuffing.

· Wet (W) — Dyes are stable to water-based spotters/cleaners

· Solvent (S) — Dyes are stable to dry solvent-based spotters/cleaners


· Solvent/wet (SW) — Dyes are stable to either water or dry solvent-based spotters/cleaners

· No cleaning (X) — Dyes are not stable to either water or dry solvent-based spotters/cleaners

· No code — Take caution when cleaning unmarked furniture

Your sofa and chair cushions have a zipper in them, just like your favorite pair of slacks; however, this does not mean you can take the fabric cushion cover off and put it into the washing machine or take it to your corner dry cleaners for cleaning. Often, this is not successful, and fabric will shrink, shred, and rarely result in a restored professional appearance.

Then, the question is, why include a zipper at all?

The zipper in the cover allows the furniture factory assembly team to inset the cushion cores in a more efficient manner.

At KMC Cleaners & Restoring Services, our IICRC-certified technicians will provide an onsite evaluation for free to correctly identify the best cleaning procedures to successfully restore your upholstered furniture and adequately extend the life expectancy of the fabric.

Although most upholstery is cleaned on location in our customers' homes or businesses, some fabrics may require cleaning processes that are best performed under controlled conditions. Usually, these conditions can be achieved only in our cleaning plant facility.

Our services include professional cleaning of:

  • Couches and sofas

  • Ottomans

  • Armchairs

  • Upholstered headboards

  • Dining room chairs

  • Barstools

  • Upholstered chairs

  • Drapery

  • Car upholstery

  • Travel trailer/RV upholstery

  • Boat upholstery

  • Outdoor furniture

KMC has 36 years of experience cleaning and managing technicians in restoring all types of fabrics and upholstered furniture.

Maintenance Cleaning: helps keep the furnishing in a more attractive and healthy state while preventing premature wear.

Routine Cleaning: this is the process of thoroughly cleaning using one or more cleaning methods. It should be performed periodically, approximately every 12 to 24 months, depending on the furniture location use and exposure to soiling. Regular cleaning should be accomplished before soiling causes permanent damage to fiber dyes or fabric texture.

Restorative Cleaning: restorative or salvage cleaning is required when soiling has become severe. (Stains, water damage, smoke, odors) Restorative cleaning is not a normal cleaning process and is typically performed by KMC specialists.

KMC Cleaners & Restoring Services

(510) 314-0266

KMC Cleaners specialize in Restorative Cleaning

(Not your typical clean-the-dirt-off-the-surface-cleaning).

KMC Cleaners & Restoring Services Serving the Bay Area


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For Boat Seat Upholstery Repair, it's important to know the right cleaning methods to keep your seats in good shape. In the past, furniture makers used colorfastness codes to show which cleaning solutions were safe. Now, these have become "cleaning codes" that tell you how to clean based on the fabric and its make, rather than just the color. This ensures your boat seats get the care they need.

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